Saturday, April 22, 2017


I know that my posting of the link below will annoy some who visit here but hey, can't please everybody nor do I aim to. 

This space is for things I care about, think about, notice, or am working on. Outrage comes into it too sometimes because sometimes, letting out rage is all you can do. Donald Trump, Brexit, Theresa May and the impending election ....I could go on. The list of things to worry about and rage about gets longer every day. 

The blatant bias of the media over here is obvious to anybody who's got eyes and ears but since it benefits those whose bias it supports, well, eyes and ears can close down when it suits them.  Anyway have a look at this and see if it grabs you.


Should Fish More said...

Your PM's call for an 'immediate' vote could really screw the labour party and any progressive movement in the UK. I hate to see you guys entering the realm of The Trump World, you deserve better.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Thanks Mike, good to hear from you. As you say, it's a possibility but polls and prognostications have been wildly wrong in recent times, so maybe there's still some hope for Labour. Just in the last few days since May announced the election, there's been a surge of support for Corbyn (of course not in all quarters!)

Best wishes for your good health.

Tom said...

Your post does not annoy me in any way at all. But I am puzzled. It seems to me that we all see things from our own, and therefore subjective, perspective. Therein lies the problem of not seeing what is there, but how we see what is [or maybe is] there.

I am particularly mindful of this at this time, with the potential for a National Front president here in France. Automatically, I think, "right wing fascist." But will it be the truth? Is what you say about the UK situation the objective truth? It may well be; or it may not. Whichever, we are in for interesting, if maybe painful, times on both sides of the "ditch."

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Tom, I agree that 'objective truth' (if there is such a thing) is hard to come by. Of course everyone has different views about what priorities are in public as well as private life and about the things to fear or support, the urgent problems to solve etc.

Among the politicians who present themselves to us (in any country) asking and demanding our support,loyalty, votes, in order to choose those who are closer to what we consider to be true, all we can do is judge them by what they say and do, what their policies are and what their record is, as well as how they strike us as individuals. So, regarding Marine le Pen, for instance, I rest my case.