Saturday, September 02, 2023


This is an anti-climax. I was supposed to come back the brave wounded heroine but here I am same old un-wounded un-heroic me. Since y'all are so kind as to take an interest, herewith my report of what happened today. After a shorter wait than usual at the hospital's eye-clinic, all the scans and other eye tests were done again then I was told to wait, who knows how long, but a very very very long time went by. Finally a doctor called my name. Nice doctor with white hair and glasses like in old movies and old-fashioned reality. He looked at the new scans attentively and asked me some relevant technical questions. The result of the consultation was that there has been some improvement in the left eye's MacDeGen problem, not a cure but better than it was last time. Therefore it was not necessary or wise to do the injection-in-retina today. Hurrah and Bravo and Wow! Check-up in six weeks, meanwhile continue with the drops. I shook the Doctor's hand harder than necessary because of being so happy with this result. Then I went to a cafe around the corner from the hospital and, to celebrate, had the full English breakfast. It was nearly 5pm but I hadn't eaten since 6am. I'm home and back working on the graphic thing I need absolutely to finish this week.