Monday, February 22, 2021


Cataract removal no.2 over and done with this morning. Am typing this with one hand while the other hand holds a magnifying glass over the keyboard. Plastic shield over operated eye plus post-op whatever prevents vision so I can't tell as yet what the result is but the consultant, my NHS surgeon, said it went very well. He also said I was very calm whereas most people are not calm during this operation. He also said he liked my shoes, which was very nice. I wore my lucky comfortable flat golden shoes. It has taken me almost an hour to type this.

Sunday, February 21, 2021


Is this a new lockdown-inspired industry? For the past couple of months I've been getting a steady stream of emails in my junk folder from ladies with constantly changing names, some exotic, some Anglo-Saxon, inviting me for sex. From references to my hardness and other virile qualities, they evidently assume that I am male. All give links to photographs and phone numbers (needless to say, I never click on anything). At first all the emails said, with variations, that she had "seen me walking around her apartment, I am amazing, exactly her type, I can come and spend the night with her and stay for breakfast." Then the style changed and invitations were from "young, inexperienced college girl yearning for a mature man to show her all that he can do to her." Later the messages took on more outright porno details of what was on offer. Then, since those desperate entreaties weren't getting any response, a cooler approach was tried: she is now a bored married woman longing for a mystery lover but we must be discreet because "you know, husband". The latest one is from "a tall blonde girl" longing for...etc. What I'm wondering is this:

Is everybody getting these emails? Have a bunch of female (and/or male) entrepreneurs seen a business opportunity provided by Covid19, with marketing aimed at guys fed up with lockdown, horny enough to risk accepting one or more "in the flesh" encounters? Or is this scam orchestrated by some international crime gang with even darker intentions? Whatever it is, I deleted the emails immediately but kind of wish I'd kept them, imagining that somewhere in a dingy room a group of people are at this very moment sitting at their laptops or iPhones trying to think of more effective phrases to convey their intentions. Literature, you know.

Sunday, February 14, 2021


Today is Valentine day? So? Valentine schmalentine. Hearts are meant to beat in regular rhythm, flowers are meant to be left in peace to grow and look beautiful before dying, chocolate is meant to be eaten or drunk whenever or IF ever you choose to do so. Valentine schmalentine doubled!

Saturday, February 13, 2021


The occasional random hacking at my own sparse locks gives me an unwanted Boris style but at least I can produce a facial expression which I don't think Mr.Johnson is capable of. True or false?

My second cataract op (right eye this time) is scheduled for the 22nd of February. I hope this one is more impressive than the previous one. Will report in due course.

Tuesday, February 09, 2021


Have been working on a new portrait and other things and occasionally glancing out the window at the dance of minuscule snowflakes not interested in regimentation, each doing their own thing. Lovely maverick snowflakes.

Monday, February 01, 2021


I read this poem on the Facebook page of my friend (yet to meet in real life) Isabel Pires and it resonated so deeply that I had to correct the awful translation provided by Google's obedient but inadequate language robots. No doubt there are better translations than mine but at least you'll get the gist. I hadn't heard of Portuguese poet and journalist Manuel Antonio Pina but Isabel's page is a discovery and treasure chest of Portuguese (including some of her own) and other poetry selected by her and accompanied by art works she locates on the web to partner each poem. I'm constantly amazed by Isabel's inspired and inspiring choices.