Thursday, June 23, 2022

Society of Designer Craftsmen Exhibition, Bankside Gallery

Meeting some of the wonderful makers at the opening of Transformations the Society of Designer Craftsmen exhibition at the Bankside Gallery on Tuesday 14th June then again the next day, I didn't have time to take more photos but the work of about 100 very diverse and talented makers is there for everyone to enjoy until the 26th of June, 11 am to 6pm daily. Almost next door to Tate Modern, the Bankside Gallery is easy to find and, if you happen to have access to Thames Link that's a comfortable and scenic way to get there.

The bookwork I was asked to exhibit is Seuphor à Natalie. Displaying the pages in a glass case so the embossed relief could be seen was challenging to say the least but Dan Maier (SDC maker and Trustee) came up with brilliantly improvised solutions. I want to thank and loudly applaud all of the SDC people for their efficiency, enthusiasm, kindness and friendship and, as well as all of that, their individual creativity. Bravo and thank you very much! You've made me an Honorary Fellow but the honour is all mine, if you see what I mean. The last three photos I took were at Blackfriars Thames Link Station on my way home. The figures looked like a sculptural installation.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022


Just finished another painting in what seems to be an unplanned new series. Where do these ideas come from? Probably from my unconscious. But it's unconscious so it doesn't know where they come from either. As long as it keeps giving them to me I'm happy to accept.

'I'm from elsewhere' Acrylic on canvas board. 10 x 14 inches.

Saturday, June 04, 2022


New small painting, finished at 5am this morning. I've never understood reality Acrylic on canvas board. 10 x 14 inches.

Friday, June 03, 2022


Looking for something you come across something else and that something leads you to another thing and before you know it the whole day is gone and you haven't even started what you meant to do. Here's a thing I found that I wasn't looking for. Why can't I follow my own advice?


I'm an Honorary Fellow (as book-artist) of the Society of Designer Craftsmen and hope that those of you who are in London will be visiting what promises to be an inspiring show. Here is my Maker Page on the Society's website.

It is the Society of Designer Craftsmen's pleasure to invite you to:

Transformations – an exhibition of unique contemporary craft from the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

Masters in the magic of transforming simple materials into superb contemporary craft works, the Society of Designer Craftsmen will be revealing their collective skill at the Bankside Gallery in London this summer. Combining innovative approach with supreme craftsmanship, over 100 of the Society’s members will be showcasing original work in textiles, ceramics, glass, wood, paper, stone, base and precious metals.

Established in 1887 by Walter Crane, with William Morris an early President, the Society of Designer Craftsmen is proud to have as members some of the finest and respected designer-makers of the day. It continues to promote and support the work of creative thinkers, designers and makers who innovate through the exploration of materials and skills in their own fields.

Transformations will exemplify the abundance of talent the Society represents today.

It will also feature a selection of supreme designer craft works created by Honorary Fellows of the Society along with the stories behind them.The exhibition will offer a rare opportunity to view and purchase a wide range of exceptional and unique craft pieces.

It runs from Wed 15th June to Sun 26thJune, 11am to 6pm every day. Admission is free and all works are for sale. Commissions can also be taken.

Bankside Gallery, London

15th-26th June 2022 Bankside Gallery

48 Hopton Street

London SE1 9JH