Sunday, April 23, 2017


is the best summing up I've seen so far concerning Jeremy Corbyn's actual policies.


Tom said...

I must confess that from my perspective, little that Jeremy Corbyn says is of overwhelming interest here in France. However, as Lucy pointed out to me recently, a survey was carried out - how representative I know not - in which a number of people were asked about various policies - WITHOUT MENTIONING ANY NAMES. Most people found the policies were ones they would support - UNTIL THEY DISCOVERED JC HAD PROPOSED THEM. [This JC not to be confused with the more divine one!]

I just thought I'd throw that in for consideration. The really good news is that Emmanuel Macron may well now be our next president, and hopefully will rectify the appalling mess left by our socialist president Hollande. [Alright, so the comment is my being cheeky. :)]

Catalyst said...

Cheeky Tom. Ha! I just hope the losing candidates can realize (as all indications are so far) what a mess LePen would make of their country and Europe. And beware, word is the Russian hackers that helped Trump are trying to get into Macron's stuff. (The last not a good word but I couldn't think of the right one.)

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Tom, I'm not setting up a Corbyn fan club, he's already got lots of fans. But I get infuriated by the deliberate, orchestrated, vindictive media campaign against him and its oh-so-obvious intention of influencing voters and discouraging them from checking for themselves what his policies actually are.

Toma nd Bruce: Yes, Macron seems like a good guy and the farther away he can send away Mme Le Poison Pen, the better it will be for evrybody.