Tuesday, April 27, 2021


I haven't seen anything in the mainstream media about this. As far as I know no major newspaper or tv news channel has said a word about it. How is it possible that they are ALL turning a blind eye?? Why isn't anybody asking whether there is now unanimous media censorship of any mention of Palestine? There's no elephant in the room? The room doesn't exist?

Below is a partial quote from CADFA newsletter:

Solidarity with the people of Jerusalem Terrible news during hot Ramadan of demonstrations of Israelis shouting ‘death to Arabs,’ of house takeovers of Palestinian homes and invasions of the Al Aqsa mosque, of further restrictions on people entering Jerusalem and difficulties for people in getting the military ‘permissions’ - young Palestinians demonstrating evening after evening, hundreds of arrests, demonstrations outside Jerusalem (in Abu Dis and other areas of the West Bank as well as Gaza, where Israel is now dropping bombs) – Jerusalem is boiling. Here in Britain we are not being told properly about this. We do hear about Israel’s success in vaccination (leaving out the Palestinians who are their responsibility as under their military occupation) but our leaders do not want us to talk about what Israel is doing to the Palestinians, and Boris Johnson is distancing himself and the UK from the International Criminal Court which is going to investigate. We need constantly to raise the matter of human rights for Palestinians and to combat the deep racism and colonial thinking that has allowed this terrible situation to develop.

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neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

Thank you for this.

No-one talks about Nakbah, that horrifying time.