Saturday, January 16, 2021


I'm thinking about thinking. Have you noticed how much repetition goes on in your brain? I have and it really annoys me. The thing I call reshinking when you're rehashing things you've already said or written or read, repeating them to yourself like a parrot or a broken record stuck in one groove. What's the point of it? I'm going to stop it. All that nice empty space waiting for new thoughts and you're filling it up with used up reshunk stuff. I mean me, not you. You don't do reshinking,do you?


Vincent said...

It's been pretty much my modus operandi. Though nature abhors a vacuum, the empty space tends to win. I'm addicted to mindless physical activity, keeping hands and feet busy in an unchoreographed ballet.

I love it when you turn everything into art

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Mindless physical activity pretty accurately describes the ideal Zen state conducive to creative innovation. My best arwork often emerges when I push aside my mind's repetitive so-calle 'thinking' and focus on what the pen, pencil, brush, screwdriver, etc. is doing.

Keep on dancing the ballet!

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