Thursday, January 14, 2021


If I ruled the world...fortunately for the world and for me this will never happen but I can still fling some suggestions around as if. This is what I would do: gather all the Covid-deniers and conspiracy-promoters, divide them into small groups of five or six, wrap them in Covid-proof protective gear then take them into all the hospitals all over the world which are heroically, desperately struggling to save the lives of Covid-infected humans or to ease their last breaths. I would have the deniers/conspirators witness what goes on in intensive care and make them become volunteers to help medical staff lift patients into the position which allows their lungs some respite. I'd have them do this work for as many hours or days it takes for a shred of awareness to enter their brains and maybe a shred of empathy as well. Then I'd let them go back to wherever they came from.

I stitched the mouth outline on this mask I made but it's not actually where my mouth is. I quite like the clown effect.

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