Friday, February 28, 2020


May all heavenly and earthly blessings rain down upon the blessed NHS and drench it in every kind of goodness, both material and immaterial. That's what I'm saying.

The NHS is not perfect - no human institution is perfect - but the quality of its mercy, the depth of its dedication, skill snd humanity are wondrous to behold. And humour, don't forget humour. I

n a pre-op meeting the other day when I mentioned my age they fell about laughing. In a good way, a great way. They couldn't believe how ancient I am because I only look about nine years old. Well not exactly nine but you know what I mean.

I love the NHS and all who walk, trudge and run down its long, long corridors every minute of the day and night.


Roderick Robinson said...

When we lived in the USA we had Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance which everyone told me was the absolute minimum cover and that I could expect to pay out big bucks if, instead of having just a single ingrowing toenail, I had two of them. As it happened I was much younger then (mid-thirties) and much healthier and the only call we made on the hospital was when our second daughter was delivered there by our GP. The difference then between our insurance cover and what we were charged amounted to no more than $20.

But I shudder to think what I would have paid out had I continued to live there under the same cover: four cataract ops beween us, two varicose vein jobs, biopsies for this and that, and so on. I read in the Guardian of a senior college academic, suffering from cancer, faced chemotherapy at a cost that was the equivalent of one year of her salary.

The Guardian and TV news dwell on the horrors suffered by NHS patients (mainly but not exclusively confined to those using A&E, it must be said) and yet Hereford's County Hospital, said to be barely adequate in the ratings, has provided both highly professional and - yes - timely treatment during our 21-year stay in Herefordshire. So here's my humble tribute (Tune: The Church's One Foundation)

All glory, laud and honour
To thee our NHS,
The comforter of thousands,
Now rescued from distress.

Whenever we're defective
With gout or broken legs
It is our source of treatment
As sure as eggs are eggs

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

I'll drink to that and sing your tribute!

In all the years I've lived in London and had occasion to need the NHS I've never been disappointed. I have known people who had bad experiences but surely that can and does sometimes happen in private medical care too. Am so thankful that I no longer live in the USA where indeed you can only afford to be ill if you have very deep pockets.