Saturday, December 21, 2019


I've devised a quiz which is either irrelevant fluff or serious research. Either way I welcome honest answers  even if the truth is embarassing. I posted this on Facebook as it's more relevant to social media addicts than it is to bloggers' and other sober internet users but here goes anyway.

1. When you have posted something online, how many times a day do you click back to check for reactions?

2. When you check back are you already on your computer or phone engaged in digital activity?

3. If you're not online, do you interrupt whatever else you're doing in order to click back again?

4. How long do you spend, after you've checked your own online contribution, just clicking here and there to see who is saying what about this or that?

5. Do you think your answers to my questions indicate a serious addiction to digital media?

6. What kind of rehab would you, me, or any other addict of this type be willing and able to undertake?


Anonymous said...

My answers are:-

2 to 3; either/both; no; none; no; none. But as I no longer post, this data may be out of date. For genuine addicts, I suspect it indicates the end of civilisation as we know it. Incidentally, forget about politics and have a happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Screen ad dicts...interesting topic. The commercialization of person, body, mind, and heart, programmed brains, for profit and to learn the quid pro quo of such commercialization is indeed fascinating. It is not a total negative prediction of addiction as it is still an unknown...who and what machine-molded populations will become??? I have no idea except to understand they WILL be different.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Anonymous, as I've said here many times before I do not accept anonymous comments. I;m allowing the above from you but it's the last time.

If you are a real person, not a robot or spam, then you can leave a comment with your actual name. Otherwise, goodbye.