Thursday, March 22, 2018


Speaking of onions, here's an extract from something - maybe a gnovel , maybe not - which I started and have procrastinated about for...uh... seven years.

If you add procrastinitis to distractionitis and inconsistenitis what you get is seven. I can prove it.


Anonymous said...

Nice. May I ask what drawing or painting medium you used?

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Hello rochereau/Vincent! Good to see you back. New identity? How are you?

The drawings were done in pencil, then pen and ink. I then scanned them and coloured them digitally. I also added text digitally.

Posting this one and looking at the rest of the work I did on this project has rekindled my enthusiasm for it. Am now goig to restart it, from a new angle.

Vincent said...

I'm fine, I seem to have changed my "Wordpress user name" and it won't let me change it back. Fortunately there are ways to bypass its obduracy. Glad your enthusiasm has been rekindled. Spring has various magical effects, don't you find?