Thursday, August 31, 2017


Further to earlier facebooking post.

There are many more things in life that I disagree with or dislike than there are things I agree with or like. Sometimes I dislike what most others like and vice-versa. This might be because I am an independent thinker with a penetrating intelligence and a questioning attitude towards more or less everything. Or it might be because I'm an arrogant, argumentative know-nothing-know-it-all. Or you could attribute it to age-related grumpiness. I would disagree with the latter because I've always been like this, even as a child, even as a teenager, always. Wait, I'll get to the point in a minute.

Idly browsing the facebook universe (as one does) I often come across quite a lot of things I disagree with or dislike. Often I am tempted to express my dissidence in a comment, possibly even in a comment about someone else's comment on a thread where most of the commenters agree with each other. In my head I compose a carefully worded dissent, possibly curling my lip as I do so. But then I stop and think:

WTF is the point of my opinion? Opinions are a dime a dozen, a dime a million. WTF does it matter whether I disagree or agree? And hey, by the way, what's the intention behind my desire to add my two cents? Is it to imply that I can see while everyone else is blind? Or is it simply to feed the illusion that I'm actually doing something worthwhile when the fact is that I've been spending the past 3 or 4 hours glued to a screen like a fly squashed against a windowpane?


Tom said...

Funny that: you always come across to me as a sweet, gentle, generous, dear lady. That may be why I so thoroughly enjoyed our recent time together.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Tom, thank you, of course I'm just as you say! But that doesn't mean I'm not also very choosy about what/who I bestow my sweet, kind, generous nature upon! Needless to say, you and Lucy are among of my sweetness.

I too enjoyed your visit very much. Hope your trip home was easy and that Elfie didn't knock you down in eagerness to see you back.

Much love to the three of you xxx

Catalyst said...


Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

And yup yup to you, Bruce!
Very best wishes.