Monday, May 01, 2017


My first short visit to Tavira in the Algarve, Portugal, was in 2009 after my brother moved there. The town and surroundings enchanted me and I applied for an artist residency, got it in due course, and went back for three months in 2010 (photos and blog posts of that time duly archived). Last week I was there again, spending time with my brother and becoming acquainted with the small and beautiful art/craft shop which he, with a friend, opened a few weeks ago.

Tavira is a small and unspoilt jewel in the Algarve which I'm reluctant to praise too much.  A festival was taking place during the few days I spent there this time featuring folk dancers in traditional costume and a long row of stands under peaked white tents selling regional produce and handmade goods.


Beth said...

So lovely, Natalie! I'm glad you went again and took these photos to show us. I love the palm trees over those curved white tents!

Catalyst said...

There are so many small villages that no one knows about. Keep the secrets!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Beth, yes those tents were beautifully designed to harmonise with the surroundings.The area in general is very environmentally aware and lots of good programs have been set up.

Bruce, Tavira is a town rather than a village and quite an open secret but anyone who discovers it naturally wants to protect it from invasion by the tourist hordes!

Hattie said...

Oh my, how lovely.