Monday, June 11, 2012


Now that the original accordion will be gone for a long time, I wanted to make some kind of copy and BLURB seemed a good way to go about it. They did an excellent job of the Open Books exhibition catalogue so I downloaded their software and have been busy putting together an 8" x 10" book of My Life Unfolds

I ordered a copy for myself only yesterday so I can't give a final verdict yet but the whole book is previewed on my Blurb page. It's 30 pages with all the images included, plus a few extra. Obviously I had to alter the original dimensions to fit into the portrait format and of course flattening the accordion folds into double page spreads loses the original three-dimensional effect. But it seems to work well as a normal book too. It would be good to know what y'all think. 

It can already be ordered in soft or hardback binding from my new Blurb store page. You do want to order it, don't you? 

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