Saturday, August 14, 2010


I've been working on it and staring at it so much that I decided to take time off and make a slideshow of some of the stages up to now. There comes a time in every painting, for me anyway, when every part of it is frozen and something radical must be done in order to get the flow going again. That's where I am at the moment but I haven't yet taken any radical steps.

Do you see a black rectangle?  The slideshow will start playing in a minute or two. If it doesn't, you can watch it over at my page. Unfortunately, the shape of the video screen doesn't allow for the whole height of the painting to show and the panning effect distorts it even more. Ach! Next time I won't use it. 
For some reason, the music doesn't play over here but it works on the main Blaugustine and at


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