Wednesday, December 06, 2006


First the bad news. It's official: I'm an oldie. It didn't fully hit home until I saw myself on TV last night so thanks a lot BBC. Like I needed this revelation. My mirror must have a filter which conceals the unpalatable truth as does the kindness/blindness of friends and strangers. So you have been warned: when last night's "Imagine" is up on the net, you will no longer be able to imagine me as a cute cartoon person. My other gripe is that they didn't show more of my cartoon self.
Now the good news. The programme was excellent and informative about the cultural revolution that the internet has created and I'm pleased to have been included. Since yesterday, my blog hits shot up to about 300 (okay, that's what some of you get in an hour) and maybe some of these new visitors will stick around but the more you learn about internet fame the more you realise it's unpredictable as the weather. Anyway I had a some friends round last night for moral support which they generously provided, along with compliments, wine, chocolates etc. Thanks to them and to you, my online mates, I can now face the rest of today without brooding about the bags under the eyes, the twisty mouth, the uncertain chin, etc. In the end, vanity rules. 

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