Sunday, January 08, 2023



Harry admits he and the other Royals are just like everybody else!

They are not Superhumans!

They behave very very badly sometimes!

Quite often!

They have family fights!

They... they...they...are just ordinary rich people in a palace!

Harry says all this in public! On television! In a book!

The Palace has not commented.

Draw your own conclusions.

Bravo Harry! And Meghan too. Whistleblowers are always maligned, especially when their whistling is blowing holes in the sacrosanct walls of powerful institutions.

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Vincent said...


Meanwhile his book is making him a fortune, in compensation for the loss of Royal wealth as supplemented by £100 million of taxpayers' money.

But it comes at a cost. Negative emotions from most of the Royal Family, from irritation to hatred. I'm guessing of course.

To my mind there's an almost bigger cost. The loss of his dignity, both personal and in the eyes of the world.

His battle for privacy will never end, causing bitterness and distress for both him and Meghan.

Whistle-blower? It's been blown more gently time and again, for example in "The Crown" series.

If he'd stayed a Prince, kept a low profile like Princess Anne, doing the kind of appearances that Royals are expected to do occasionally, the tabloid readers across the world would have got bored. Nothing much to report.

I pray for both their sakes that they will spend the rest of their lives in tranquillity, without having to keep a lid on things as our late Queen felt was her duty.

Behaving as though the commonwealth was her family, above her own