Sunday, August 07, 2022


I was born in Paris at midnight on the seventh day of August...never mind the year. What does a calendar know? If I ask the cosmos how old I am the answer would take too long to write down! Happy birthdays to me ad infinitum!


Copeland said...

Natalie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.

What a creative and kind person you are. I'm so glad we have been able to visit each other on this fantastic electronic space.
You are such a fine artist and have kept up the work throughout the years. I know you will always shine brightly in this world.

You have a friend; and I thank you for the way you have encouraged my writing during these strange, difficult times we are
living through.

Much Love,


Copeland said...

I'm a little late on your side of of The Pond with these greetings; but it's still August 7th here in North Texas. (sorry)

natalie said...

Thank you Copeland my old friend! I feel as if we really are old friends in 'real' life. Maybe the cybernetic world is now more real than reality and will become even more so in decades to come when we're no longer around to observe it. At present the state of our planet is so full of terrible trouble and strife that it's vital to find and to enhance little oases of light, joy, questioning and creativity. Much love and encouragement to you.