Monday, September 27, 2021


Drinking coffee in a cafe and thinking about identity, as one does, I suddenly remembered Augustine and Identity, one of the ten comic strips in my Small Packages series. That was over thirty years ago and nothing's changed, I'm still asking the same questions. Don't know if that's good or bad but here's that strip.


Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hello Augustine,
So many wonderful questions but would you like to know what I think ?
Your identity hasn’t changed to what it always was ……..your past memories as they become part of who you are !
By the way I have just finished eating yet another beautiful juicy apple.
Best wishes

Fernanda Pereira Soares Vilella Bitencourt said...

Hello Natalie!

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Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Natalie,
I’ m going to use the comic strip you posted as an intro to our philosophical conversations topic on Identity when we cover it as part of my zoom philosophical discussion group. Thanks for posting it. Best wishes

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Hello LIndsay, sorry for my lateness in replying! As I get so few comments to my posts here, I rarely look in anymore. But I duplicate all of my Blaugustine blog posts to my Facebook page where I get much more feedback, which is quite important to me. Why not visit me and comment over there? Here is the link:
If you then send me a 'friend request' I'll accept of course! Are you already on Facebook?
Hope your discussion group enjoyed my Augustine identity exploration!

Hello Fernanda, boa noite!
Sorry for my lateness. I have no rights whatsoever regarding the text you quoted and don't know who wrote it or where it was published. You must have made a mistake in asking me about it since I have no connection with it. Perhaps you could check via Google to find its author and publisher. Best wishes, Natalie

dkershaw said...

The lines belong to Oswald de Andrade, in case anyone's still looking. Re: facebook...back when FB became available to those other than students, people in my circle embraced it as a a business networking tool (this was before LinkedIn came along). It wasn't until i'd collected 1,000+ FB friends that i realized my mistake. engaging with FB was like trying to handle a fire hose with the valves wide open. Even restricting the volume to messages from ~150 friends only, ir's still overwhelming. How do you manage it?