Saturday, January 23, 2021


Does anyone actually know what they're doing concerning anti-Covid vaccination? My un-official opinion is no, they don't. I had my first shot of the Pfizer on New Year's eve and was given 20th January as the date for the second jab, a gap of three weeks as officially required. A few days ago I got a text message from my local NHS practice that this appointment is cancelled and that I will be notified when a date for my second Pfizer shot will be arranged. According to the government or somebody the previously officially decided 3-week gap is now no longer essential and the gap can be pretty much any length you like as long as it's official. But according to other news I've just read, that's wrong.

The problem is that the available information, whether medical or governmental, is not only inconsistent but in dispute among themselves. Some scientific experts in the UK say it's no problem to extend the gap between shots whereas some EU experts say it's definitely a problem, potentially a serious problem. If you read the whole of the above BBC article you'll see. Whose expertise does one trust? There are also commercial factors involved about the availability and distribution of the Pfizer and the Astra Zeneca vaccines and that's one more reason to wonder what the actual facts are, medical and otherwise. Is the time lapse between first and second jabs of either vaccine truly significant in giving you immunity and/or preventing others from being infected by you? There are controversial opinions about this among the Experts. So, what does being "well informed" mean?


Vincent said...

When the experts disagree, it's odds on that nobody knows, but they wouldn't admit that, would they? I had my first dose of Pfizer yesterday and received a little card with the date for the second left blank. I was impressed by the efficiency, care and number of volunteer ushers at our Old Town Hall.

And nobody would admit miscalculations about distributing the vaccine, but then again, it's never been done before. It's not much like the annual flu jab.

Doctors differ and patients die
In some cases not a lie
And every surgical mistake
Can lead to death and grieving and heartbreak
Though surgeons have saved many a life
Some die under the surgical knife
A fact of life one well might say
And such things happen every day,
Doctors differ and patients survive
And even regain their sexual drive
Yet on our lives the Reaper has the final say
For all a last night and last day,
Doctors differ and patients die
That's a fact and facts don't lie.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Them's facts indeed Vincent and they all rhyme!

Glad you had your first Pfizer shot. I had mine, as you know, on New Year's eve and got the same little card as you did butI was given a definite appointment over thg phone for the second shot. Now postponed to who knows when. Apparently the problem is the insufficient supplies and/or distribution of the Pfizer vaccine.