Monday, November 30, 2020


Amazing little things that happen. Trying to open the un-openable lid of a small new container of black peppercorns because lid designers don't care whether they can be opened or not of course when I finally attacked it with a knife blade the peppercorns rolled all over the kitchen floor, perfect tiny spheres ecstatic with freedom glissandoed into every crack and crevice even though I pursued them with a spoon. I'm sure I will find colonies of them hiding and multiplying pepperly forever.

Then there was the unexpected shadow play in the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet I suddenly noticed that if my right hand was lifted up it cast a double shadow, one in black and one in colour! So I made shapes with the fingers and thought of Plato. But did he see shadows of one hand in two different colours? On the bathroom floor? I don't think so.


Nelson said...

Hurrah for the artist's eye! I'm still enjoying your "small packages" of Augustine Adventures: No 10 from June 1987, & no. 3 from Oct 1984, plus covering postcard dated Feb 2015, which inter alia says "Will send you the others in the series by and by".

Artist to the shadow of your fingertips. Thanks for sharing to the world.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Thanks Vincent and happy December to you. I always mean to have the 10 Augustine booklets(Small Packages) reprinted but just haven't got round to organising it. So many things left undone! I will, I will.