Friday, October 30, 2020


On this date 30th October twenty-four years ago my beloved father Alexander (Sacha) d'Arbeloff died in London aged 101. I've written about him several times here and my in--progress autobiography. At the moment I don't want to add words but here's a short video I made in 2011: Eternal Return, a visual poem about the nostalgia and mystery of my Russian ancestry, on my father's side.

The soundtrack is Alexander Vertinsky, famous Russian cabaret singer of the 1920s, singing Liliowy Negr (purple black). My father loved Vertinsky's songs and with my mother Blanche saw him perform them in Paris nightclubs at that time. The photo of Sacha below was taken by George Cserna in New York 1955.

Eternal Return: my Russian ancestors from Natalie d'Arbeloff on Post a Comment