Friday, October 09, 2020


For the benefit of anyone interested, this post is about ordering Giclée prints of the image above: Habits-Stanislavski-NdA or other images by me. To get prices for Giclêe printing I contacted dStudio a company specialising in working for artists. Their website is very informative and well worth a browse.

I must now give a little lecture on the words giclée and limited editions because, as Michael Caine once said, not a lot of people know this. If some of you are experts on these matters please yawn quietly.

1.Giclée is from the French verb gicler - to spray or squirt - which is what inkjet printing equipment does. The difference between ordinary inkjet printing and Giclée printing is that the latter uses light-fast,pigment-based and longer lasting inks in a wider range of colours, printed at much higher resolution, producing sharper, more intense and durable results. Another crucial factor is that Giclée can be printed on a wide variety of media including museum-grade archival papers, canvas etc.

2. Limited editions: as an artist/printmaker who has created and printed on a hand press a great many limited editions in various techniques such as etching, relief-printing,collagraphs, stencils, monoprints etc. I get a bit pedantic when Giclée prints are called “limited editions” and priced as highly as if they are the same thing as hand-printed artist’s original prints. They are NOT the same thing. Each print in a bonafide traditional limited edition is an original, hand-inked from an original block or plate drawn by the artist. The Giclée printing process is excellent and produces excellent digital reproductions of an artwork. Nothing wrong with that and I’m happy to make use of this process now and then. But I am not jumping on the bandwagon and charging for a Giclée print what I would charge for my original prints. paintings or other artworks. End of lecture. Down to business now.

For an A4 size (29 x 21cms) GICLEE print of Habits-Sanislavski-NdA on Hahnemuhle 100% cotton Photo Rag 308gsm archival paper, plus a certificate of authenticity, I'm asking £60 which covers my costs and allows me a modest profit. You can pay me via PayPal or bank transfer. If in London you could if you wish collect a print from me, but dStudio will deliver prints anywhere. Their rates for delivery (see their pricing page for different options.) Please add relevant delivery charge to the £60 when you send me your order and include the address where you want the print or prints delivered.

Anywhere in UK: Standard delivery: £3.40 Europe: £6.50 USA and rest of world: £7.50
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link to dStudio points back to this same page.
Do you mean ?


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Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Hi Greg. Thanks for letting me know!
Yes,the correct link is as you wrote it.

I'll correct it on my post.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Greg, I've corrected the link now.

Blogger has now become a pain in the ass to edit. I am now unable to insert paragraph spaces where I want them. The text just runs on and it's awful. Do you know a solution ? I tried on 3 different browsers, Safari, Firefox and Chrome and at the moment none of them show changes I make to correct the spacing of a post even though it says "changes saved".