Friday, August 21, 2020


This is only to say that my blog and I are not dead, we are alive and kicking but need to decide what to do about Blogger/Google's imposition of a new format. Anyone else with this problem please post your advice!


Hendrik said...

Yes, we are loyal to these hosts over the years but they don't reciprocate.

Years ago I migrated from Blogger to Wordpress and by strange coincidence got this from themn on Wednesday:

Hi Vincent,

The new WordPress block editor is now the primary editing experience for your site(s).

The WordPress editor empowers you to create pages and posts by layering multiple blocks on top of each other. It's versatile, intuitive, and boasts exciting new features, including:

[blah blah plus diagrams and 2 options for clinging to the so-called "Classic Editor" which doesn't work as it used to]

It ends with this:

Questions or issues? Our Happiness Engineers are standing by.

Until I saw your post, I was thinking of going back to Blogger. After some exchanges with their staff, who of course don't call themselves happiness engineers, I can probably go on.

Please don't give up. Glad to hear from you after the operation. I trust it went well?

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Thanks Vincent, good to know this about WordPress.

Yes, the hip op went very well and I was back home from hospital in 3 days. Nurses etc. at UCLH were amzed at my quick recovery (didn't have general anaesthetic, only a spainal injection). Am doing all the exercises recommended 3 times a day, can go up & down the stairs and have been out to the local shops, with a friend.
It will take a while yet to be fully mobile but am getting there.

Hope all is well with you. xx

Roderick Robinson said...

You can opt out of New Blogger if you like and a temporary switch is available in the warning drop-down. But Google has said Old Blogger (now known as The Legacy Interface) will die the death in September. I thought I'd experiment while the deadline was distant and set up a completely separate if primitive blog; it all worked out within a couple of days and I was left wondering what all the fuss was about.

The main problem was switching from Reader Visible mode to Author Editable (ie, the one with the pencil icon) but - as is often the case - the solution was so simple I missed it completely for several hours. There are also one or two advantages: No word limit on post length that I know of; it swallowed a 5500-word short story without complaint. Link creation has been simplified.

What exactly is your problem or is it simply instinctive antipathy?

Anonymous said...

Big Tech is applying concepts like "classic" and "legacy" to early 21st century technological wonders.

I also spent several days fussing how to transfer old blogspots to Google's new format.

So frustrating I didn't bother making a step by step guide on how to get there. Then, like a silicone dream, 14 years of avant-blarney appeared like a silicone dream with new url.

I'd like to prove it. If this comment works..?

Anonymous said...

...thanks, Natalie — it can be made to work!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Many thanks Roderick and Anonymous. Sorry for late reply, I haven't been back here for awhile, the same problem was/is happening on Facebook (Google-owned) where I usually duplicate post that I write here. Haven't solved it yet. Can youtell me how to get back to Author-editable? Please!

Michael Weller said...

Google made me Anonymous for those comments, Natalie!

From Alphabet and Fleecebook to Zoom--users are not in control.

Mike is not a robot!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Hi Mike! One thing I've discovered is that not all browsers work with the new Facebook and/or Blogger. When I use Firefox (my default) I can't post images in Blogger or do any editing at all. On Safari (I have a Mac) it used to be possible but no longer is. However, only on Safari can I see my old 'classic' format. On Chrome I can post images and partly edit but only if I accept the new format. Editing a posr is nor easy as it used to be. It doesn't let me make new paragraphs or have double spaces between paragraphs. I HATE THE NEW FORMAT! Google say they want feedback but they obviously have no intention if acting on it.

Roderick Robinson said...

You can check out my New Blogger blog, Tone Deaf Renewed, here:

As you can see there's very little superficial difference. I'm not sure any instructions I offer (about retrieving author-editable) would help. Tone Deaf and Tone Deaf Renewed are entirely separate blogs, one identified as ldptonedeaf and the other as ldptonedeaf2. To switch between them - for editing purposes - I have first to sign out (top rh corner), select Google Account, then sign in to the other blog, applying a different password.

The problems seem to arise with those who try to convert their existing Old Blog to New Blog. I could never see how that would work and suspected it would leave me blogless from time to time. I made a number of mistakes creating Tone Deaf Renewed but nothing else was interfered with.

Michael Weller said...

To make Roderick's posted Tone Deaf url live, Mike was asked to prove once again he wasn't a robot.

Since learning basic IT in the late '90ies olde worlde information superhighway has become terminally log-jammed. Microsoft and iOS now compete in both AI and philanthrocapitalism realities. So Microsoft adds its Edge browser to already overcrowded browser traffic!

Like Natalie, Mike can't find his old blogspot posts with Google Chrome. Transferring to Ecosia's search engine provides access to old blogger posts plus newer Sept 4 2020 entry. Is it secure? No.

Looking at so many crossed-out browser padlocks doesn't inspire confidence.

Roderick Robinson said...

Natalie/Mike: Whether or not these exchanges result in any New Blogger benefits I have to say I've already profited.

Many years ago I too was urged to take up Firefox on the grounds that its firewall was more secure. I must have installed it and deleted it half a dozen times. Why? Because it interfered with Blogspot, abruptly changing the line spacing and font sizes and refusing any subsequent corrections. I pointed this out to Firefox fans but was pooh-poohed. It's nice to have my problems confirmed elsewhere.

More recently I've switched to Windows 10 (on my PC) and have acquired a Kindle Fire tablet. Both these changes have exposed me to the malignant war being carried on between Microsoft and Google. The way that MS recommends - in advice that is supposed to be impartial - solutions that always involve MS programmes. Edge seems to be an entirely appropriate name for their insistently invasive browser. Plus of course the fact that one may no longer buy software, only rent it.

My first PC was a 365 which is both an indication of my advanced age and the length of my IT experience. Remember the days when stuff used to be given away free and without being stuffed to the gills with ads and commercials. Apparently by nerdy gifthorses whose only pleasure was to prove they could do these things.

Happy long-lost days.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Hello again Mike, Robbie and all, thank you for your comments. I'm so fed up with Blogger that I forget to check replies. The thing is this:
I have a Mac (old version) not a PC, I alternate between 3 browsers: Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Since the new Google/Blogger rules and layouts, everything has become more difficult (many people are complaining. If you Google this topic, it says Blogger is aware of the problem and "trying to fix it".
What I've realised is that which browser I use decides whether or not I can edit a Blogger post In Safari it's impossible, in Firefox ditto but occasionally I can manage in Chrome which allows me to upload photos.
There are no options visible for changing to Reader or Author to edit, as Robbie mentions. The layout must look different on a PC. My Blogger won't let me change the spacing, no matter how many times I hit Return. It does say my "changes have been saved" but they don't show up on the updated page.
I still post regularly on Facebook and at least over there editing is easy. I'll keep ytyinh here anyhow. Any solutions appreciared.

Champaign Roster said...

The new blogger format is FREAKING AWFUL. Just had to add my two cents for the record.