Friday, July 03, 2020


Change of date for the hip op (hip hop). It will now be on 31st of July instead of the 24th. I don't mind the delay at all. More time to creatively procrastinate and get more eyebags to carry ideas in.

What's good for eliminating eyebags apart from teabag compresses or digital trickery? And did you know that age makes your nose grow?


Copeland said...

The face in slo-mo grows mostly in the nose.
I notice every time I look in the mirror.

"When you're smiling when you're smiling
the whole world smiles at you.
When you're laughing when you're laughing
the sun comes shining through..."

I've started up a new blog: crossroadvertigo [dot] com
Check it out. My old pal Grayson and I were talking about getting started with podcasts.
It would be great to have you on our first show. Great picture of you, Natalie!

There is a frenzy of fireworks going off all around me. The neighbors are going a little mad tonight.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Hello Copeland, sorry for late reply, I haven't looked in over here for a while. Good to hear from you, will go and visit your new blog later today. I'll happily turn up on your podcast but this will have to wait until after the carpentry on my hip has been done, This will take place on July 31st then I'll need some recovery time. Anyhow, count me at somepoint. I trust you're doing ok in these pandemically challenged times. All th best to you and to old pal Grayson.