Tuesday, November 26, 2019


More about that time.
In the mid-1960s and later, Ted Sebley's basement kitchen in Adelaide Road became a gathering place for many people from far and near. How I happened to be included is a long story. parts of which are in the unfinished ongoing online autobio The Burial of Mickey Mouse on my website.

Some of us used to go to the Prince Consort pub around the corner and very often ended up at Ted's afterwards. Every Sunday, every Christmas and many other festive occasions there would be hearty dinners around that table, cooked by Ted. I think some of their flavour is in these photos.

Tom Nairn is reaching for a Christmas decoration. I look like I can't possibly drink or eat another thing.

Left foreground is Jaime Dixon, my stepson (his father was Reg Dixon). Tom Nairn sits between me and Christine Johnson. Ted stands in front of the little b&w telly. I think Peg Mills took this photo.

Another Christmas a few years later. On the left Christine Johnson, Martin Rossdale and Ted Sebley. On the right Tom Nairn and Juliet Mitchell.

                                           Late 1960s
Top row: a teacher from Hornsey College of Art? Tom Nairn, Ted Sebley, Derek Henden, Linda's sister.
Bottom row: Linda Henden, Gerda Flockinger (?), Martin Rossdale, Juliet Mitchell, Christine Johnson.

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