Thursday, October 10, 2019


Last  Thursdat night at David's Bookshop in Letchworth Garden City went really well. Wonderful bookshop, appreciative audience, generous help from everyone. In the first half of the evening John Gohorry read his Ile de RĂ© suite of poems, vignettes filled with seaside atmosphere, light and warmth.

In the second half, Dick Jones, Doug McGowan and I did our Blaise Cendrars thing: reading/video/music, all in harmony and synchronicity. The room was full and the applause sincerely enthusiastic. Later, people looked through a copy of the Old Stile Press livre d'artiste, our TransSiberian book, and understood the difference between a hand-produced limited edition and a mass-produced book. 

Got home after midnight after an odd train journey from Hitchin where I think I was the only passenger in the whole train. Tired but happy, sorry I forgot to take photos.

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