Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Sidetracking from Brexit, elections and other probable major catastrophes I notice that my bank account has been debited with a £7.99 which doesn't tally with anything I've spent but was taken by Amazon Prime. I check my Amazon account and, behold, the sneaky bastards have made me a "member" of Amazon Prime without my knowledge or consent, setting up monthly payments of £7.99. After following their deliberately tortuous path I finally manage to cancel this fraudulent "membership" via a "conversation" with a robotic person or actual robot on the "chat" option.

I think it is simply fraud masquerading as benevolent advertising. It is based on the cynical but accurate prediction that many people will not even notice that they've been conned. Yes, Amazon will refund if you wise up and demand it but have a look at the hoops they make you jump through before that happens. The whole Prime thing was very carefully and deviously designed as a trap and it would be useful to know exactly how many people have unwittingly fallen into it.

Be warned! You are not paranoid. They actually are out to get you, without your knowledge.

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