Thursday, July 25, 2019


Am supposed to go to the gym class right now and spend an hour riding various machines designed to oblige (as in force) parts of the anatomy to move in unaccustomed - or currently unaccustomed - ways. The object of this regime is to improve my hip ostheoarthriticktick situation.

I put on my gym gear: trainers, t-shirt (long sleeves) and leggings. Am I going to the gym? Probably not. Definitely maybe not. I don't know. Have to take a bus then walk a short distance to get there. It's insupportably hot today, as you know. Anyone going to a non-aircon gym in this heat must be crazy. I am a little bit crazy but also rational. 

Why would I wear a long-sleeved t-shirt in tropical heat? If that question didn't cross your mind I'm sorry but I'll answer it anyway.

Some of you will have noticed, perhaps even on your own persona, one of the many un-beautiful things which happen to the human body as it ages. Skin becomess thinner and looser. When I dry my hands on those machines in public loos the skin on the back of my hands and arms flaps around like sails in a hurricane. It's funny but it ain't beautiful. No it's not.

If you're one of those people who say it's all beautiful and whoopee, let it all hang out! I will bow to you and praise you, if you wish, but I won't join you. I will wear la ong sleeved t-shirt to the gym.
I've missed the class now.


Tom said...

I empathise with you. Had too brief a shower of rain this morning, but am thankful for small mercies. Annoyingly, the little pests that find human blood tasty don't give up in the heat. They seem to find me particularly delicious. Try to keep well.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Fortunately the blood-hungry insect species don't hang out over here, at least not where I live. But I well remember life in Paraguay and Brazil when mosquito nets around the bed, window-screens and all kinds of sprays and lotions were de rigeur but still the tiny devils managed to torture us constantly.

Hope your summer is good, apart from that.