Saturday, May 11, 2019


Busy painting two portrait commissions. And the Christine Keeler exhibition, Dear Christine, opens at The Vane in Newcastle very soon: Private View 31 May (am going of course), public opening 1st June.

Why is time speedng up so much? What can be done to slow it down? Come on, some gadget is just waiting to be invented.

Just to prove I haven't disappeared:


Vincent said...

Eagerly awaiting pctures of your own contribution, after your mentions last summer. And wondering how much your picture will capture of Christine in her own self, as measured against the person I met one day when we were both 17.

Enjoy the private view! As for the gadget that slows down time, it must be hard to recreate those days of childhood when all the world seems new, and we are lost in the passing moments. LSD did it for me a half-century ago, but I don’t recommend.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Vincent, I well remember your post about meeting the young Christine when you were the same age! There will be a beautiful hardback catalogue, fully illustrated, so perhaps you could get that and I'll post photos at the PV. The exhibition will be in London in Feb. next year.

Slowing down time wouldn't necessarily recapture the past - I would just like to delay the future!