Friday, April 27, 2018


On this day fifteen years ago I started a blog called Blaugustine.  Augustine is my cartoon alter ego born in 1984 in a series of comics, The Augustine Adventures also known as Small Packages - details are on my website in the Comics section.

Anyway Blaugustine the blog: if you have nothing better to do for the next hour, two hours or 48 hours you can scroll down down down to the bottom of my blog archive and read your way up all the posts from 27 April 2003 to the present. Nowadays, since hardly anyone blogs or reads blogs anymore, I duplicate my blog posts to Facebook. Yes I know it's objectionable.

I would be super-chuffed if anyone actually undertook to read through my whole archive and then told me what they think. Here is one post I've picked at random - it's from 18 July 2006 and is in 6 panels.


Vincent said...

They are so fascinating & rich in content that I will gladly do this, but it will have to stretch over a period of time. I was going to suggest you email a daily link to a list of subscribers. As one of these I would look forward to the next in the series each day, just as a worker welcomes the ritual of a teabreak and perhaps to look at the cartoon in his favourite paper. We just got back from 10 days in Jamaica, where the Daily Gleaner still has a page of cartoons like Blondie, Andy Capp & others some of which I've known since childhood.

If you have published one piece per week over 15 years, and if you offer one every day on this email subscription basis, it will take 2 years to read them all and savour each one as intended by its author. I'm up for that! But would need the daily prompt.

Catalyst said...

Love your cartoon assemblage. I must disagree with you, though, about blogs. I find thousands of links to them but have no time to read them all. I especially like yours though I don't comment often enough.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Vincent, thank you, that's a great idea. But I don't have a list of subscribers...I don't have subscribers at all! Readers of my blog have pretty much dwindled down to three or four (including you). I've been copying my blogposts to Facebook for a while now because I get more responses but I don't know if anyone there would welcome receiving a daily link from me. I suppose I could ask, but nowadays most people are already overloaded with so much stuff on social media etc. that they don't welcome more digital reading matter.

Of course I'd be glad to send you a daily link to my old blog posts (at least a selection of the best) for as long as you like. I never had a fixed posting schedule, sometimes there were long gaps. But they were generally shortish and nearly always illustrated. I'll email you a link tomorrow, ok?
Glad you had a good holiday in Jamaica.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Thank you Bruce. The thing about blogs is that 15 or so years ago, because blogging was such a new means of communication and not so many people were doing it, there was a sense of community and strong friendships grew out of discovering bloggers whose way of looking, thinking, and writing was on our own wavelength. The blog was like a diary (not necessarily daily) that people shared with others.

Now that fast social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. have become so widespread and so addictive, the slower, more thoughtful mode of a blog seems to take up too much time to read and to write. Indeed there are still lots of blogs out there and I do keep in touch with those of my friends (including you) but I too don't commnt enough.