Monday, November 20, 2017


Muito obrigada to the fabulosa Nina Miranda who invited me to sing one of my old French favourites at her terrific gig last night. I've turned into Harpo Marx in this photo but that's fine by me. The whole evening was a joy.

The lyrics of Les Feuilles Mortes (1945) - translated (inadequately) as Autumn Leaves - are by the poet Jacques Prevert. The music is by Joseph Kosma. Yves Montand first introduced the song in the 1946 film Les Portes de la Nuit.

Facebook post by Nina Rocha-Miranda 20 November 2017

Natalie D'Arberloff graced the stage with her voice on Les Feuilles Mortes last night @ our 'Arti, Parti, Liberdadi' and the whole room joined her, the autumn leaves rose and danced, and our hearts thanked her. Also big O B R i G A D A to Mark Hudson for sharing your excellent film 'Tom went to Brazil'. (great intro!) Thank you Pedro Montenegro for taking such great photos and helping organise the night, and Paddy for being superbly helpful always.Thanks to all who came and hung out and sang together on an autumn Sunday night, you're magic! . To Antony Elvin on guitar and voice and so much humour, Oli Savill on percussion, Alex Afia and Abigail Dance on violin, William Summers on flutes and pipes, Inspirational ArĂ­cia Mess on voice, Caco Barros for fine Brazilian guitar and voice, Satin Singh and Tristan Banks for jumping on for percussion impromptu wikedness of the highest calibre, Julia Miranda and Flora McLean on the wheels of feel, beautiful selections, Miriam Nabarro for getting it all so beautiful from the start with your magic paper umbrella art unfurling to further scenic magic with Julia. Thanks to mum for painting as a Ninja sur La Seine, and to Gabby Sellen and Nikita for groovy Flora Mclean hat dancing. to Deirdre McGinnis Lopez for introducing me to this very, very , Funky venue. Aces & Eights - NW5.. you really are all ACE.. sound guy, front of house, Bar staff and decor. Cheers Tim and all. x x Nina


Catalyst said...


Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Many thanks, Bruce.

Davoh said...

Forgive me. Have been 'offline' for a while. My choice, no physical reason.

Always best Wishes to you.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Hi Davoh, thanks for your visit and your good wishes. All good things to you too.

Anonymous said...

What fun! I keep looking out for old vinyl of the likes of Juliette Greco Jaques Brel, etc., to take to a local cafe where they have a record player for customers' use! I've found one or two!

I listened to the recordings you put online. It's great to be able to "sit in" when (like you) you can sing!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Dominic, I'm in the process of sorting my old vinyl records (part of the major clear out etc.). Will email you soon with list of some you can have if you want them.

Thanks for listening to my recordings - will add Les Feuilles Mortes etc ASAP.