Monday, June 12, 2017


Sitting in Archway café
small Americano
milk on the side.
Young blonde mum
tête-a-tête with
young blond baby.
Baby's liitle face
turns to observe
the room
takes it all in
takes it all in.
Wahwah soundtrack blaring
blurring my eyes and ears.
Behind the counter
keep-fit manager explains
boxing moves to bored
Brazilian barista.
Baby takes it all in.


Tom said...

Dunno about the poem, but the picture's fun.

Davoh said...

Definition of poetry


Um, if it sings in your heart; and it resonances with the emotive concepts of others - then i guess it is poetry ...

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Hi Davoh. I think I was just wondering whether writing this down with line breaks, instead of as one paragraph, would make it a poem.
I was actually sitting in a cafe at the time, marvelling at that tiny baby's very observant, intelligent expression. And the cafe's sound system was blaring out some mindless noise which some consider to be 'music'.

Definitions in the eye of the beholder!