Monday, October 10, 2016


Foolishly, I stayed up last night to watch the Trump/Clinton debate - if that word can be applied to the infantile slanging match I witnessed, my jaw dropping so low that I still haven't quite retrieved it.

In 1984, when some of you were still in swaddling clothes (does swaddling still exist?) I won a Guardian competition for political montages and got a bottle of champagne (not Bollinger). Below is my original cartoon and above it is a new version I've just done, simply changing the faces and the context. I rest my case.


Tom said...

I fear the whole US presidential election process has sunk to the level which I find indescribable. And I do not mean ineffable! What staggers me even more is that there are still millions of Americans who support Mr. D. Trump. It was bad enough that they gave George Bush Jr. a second term, but this support for the Republican party is beyond my understanding.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Me too, Tom, it's totally unbelievable that some people, too many, can't see, hear or smell a rat when it's parading in full view of them. But hasn't that always been the case throughout history?