Monday, July 18, 2016


Done it. Registered to vote in the Labour leadership election. Paid the outrageous £25 fee.

And in other news:

I've just finished the first in my new series of Pableaux (poem-tableaux) - not exactly a poem but kind of poetic?

Title: How could she know. Dimensions: W 31.5 cms X H 31 cms X D 4.5 cms. Media: wood, balsa, canvas, acrylic. It's a box inside which the cut-out shapes are arranged on different levels.

I couldn't get the photo to show its 3-dimensionality or the thin gold edges around the frame.

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Vincent said...

Strange that nobody commented on this at the time. Having seen the second in the series this morning, I can better appreciate this and hope that your g-novel grows up into this even more novel “3-D boxed set”. It could be your masterpiece.