Saturday, February 06, 2016


Interestingly, I'm finding that relying on chance as a trigger for inspiration not only provides provocative themes, but also seems to find synchronicities between them.

This evening I ran my blind hands across a high-up shelf and pulled out The Mind and Heart of Love by M.C. D'Arcy, opened it at p.248 and hit on this sentence:
... "the perspective of interests" leads the unwary astray. 


Is a hidden agenda what you're trying to say?
If so I agree with the above,
there's more to the mind and heart of love
than meets the eye, the ear and more private parts. 

When you say you love me more than all the rest
I'll never know if in your heart
you mean I'm the one who passed your test,
a test I never knew I took.

Unwary I am, unwary I'll remain,
my own agenda's an open book.
If our perspective of interests is not the same
well, that's a shame,
but the road we're on is called "Astray"
maybe we'll meet love on the way.


Davoh said...

Interesting. Who defines the 'unwary'?

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Hello Davoh and welcome here.
In this poem, I'm defining unwary as the opposite of wary and saying that I'm not following the usual advice to "be wary"...or "beware!"

On page 248 of the book I opened at random and found the first sentence from, M.C. D'Arcy is referring to a book by Max Scheler, so I suppose the latter is the one defining "unwary".

Kooka said...

So, 'unwarily' i clicked on one of your comments on Vincent's blog aaaand .... here i am ... but not 'really' - only a responder who can negotiate a keyboard - yes.(P.S. luv ya 'capcha' images .. heh)

Kooka said...

um, the only way i see any responses is if you go back to the link "Davo" (damned computers - am a human being; fallible as that may be).

Davoh said...

understanding the word "love" has been an eternal human conundrum. try replacing it with the the word "need". I know, much less 'romantic'. Ooops.

Davoh said...

"Poetry" is a peculiar concept - mostly, methinks, belonging to humans (while i might 'write' about the antics of the canine who lives with me - doubt very very much whether she actually 'understands' any more words than "Tucker", and "Oy you".

words are words.

However, since am here by random chance - will run this set of words past you. 'Created' mostly, by me attempting to 'train' or 'talk to' the "voice recognition" facility on my laptop.

The North East wind a blows
And shows, that whether the weather
Will change, or range
Across the continents
Of  world sentiments;
In and whether the end of four or more
Will grow in the mind of new meander full
Flat earth mind We'll find All of a kind.
The changing times remind
Other bygone ages rages of saviours save you
sages; ancient philosophers have got no
Warm-now, for more than four Martin, forgotten.
Noah saw the writing on the wall and took used by road
To ararat Arafat Palestine holyrood his brood.
Animals to buy two, or one, or a dozen
Frozen in one, boiled elsewhere.  Four square.
When planner dark is flooded with CEO two
Where will we take the Arc.


Davoh said...

O, now i see that you are located in Britland. Um, might use some 'vernacular' words and references, that only someone who has lived their whole life in Australia would understand. (Vincent), was born in Australia.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Hi Kooka/Davoh/Davo,
many thanks for all this. Your voice recognition poem is recognisably talented. I especially like the way you accept stream-of-consciousness suggestions such as "ararat/Arafat" and rhymes like "meander/neanderthal". Bravo!
I've added Wombat's Waffles to my blogroll,by the way, but should I change the name to Kooka?

Yes I'm in Britland but not OF Britland. My language and other connections are more international therefore varied vernaculars are fine. If your computer connection allows it, you can read my long-winded history on website:

'captacha'images? You mean those that come up when you have to prove you're not a robot? I have notheing to do with those, they're created by some robot in the works, I assume.

Vest said...

Recently it has been a bit warm especially when rushing around doing jobs more suited to the female species normally the tasks of wife now in hospital on the mend after a fall, (Hip Rep) I jokingly told the Doc I have showered nine times this week prior to visits, he replied ' keep it under your hat; if the authorities hear about it you will have your pommy ( Brit) passport cancelled.