Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Probably my favourite construction is one called The Lesson. A short video of it is here but there are many other possibilities that this odd tableau suggests which I haven't yet explored. It was originally inspired by the bathroom in the flat where I was living: there was a narrow, deep-set window looking down onto a tall tree which I could see when I sat in the bath. I was drawing Augustine cartoons at the time and the giant bird with a message just popped up out of nowhere. 

The initial walls/folds of the scene are lined with mirror-foil and in this photo they reflect a plant in my living room. There's a tiny book on the window sill next to a blue crystal ball, the title is Pensieri in Italian. It's a miniature book I found. I painted images over the text of some pages, repeating motifs from this scene. 

The Lesson  NdA 1992  Mixed media. W78 x H29 x D15 cms� 



Dick said...

This is wonderful and its little narrative gains from the slow scrutiny of the video. 'You are forgetting to be amazed' is an injunction that we should all take to heart!

I hope you'll provide a record of the Wales visit. And don't forget to shout about the upcoming publication!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Dick, the bird's message is one that I keep reminding myself of, especially on grey days when amazement is stashed away like summer clothes.
I did mention The Project! Scroll down to the 19th March post.