Saturday, February 09, 2013


Every day I tell myself that I must post something because if I keep on avoiding the blogging habit I will lose it altogether. Funny about habits, isn't it? If you have a bad habit - say, smoking, snacking junk, biting your nails, etc - it's excruciatingly hard to lose it. But if it's a good habit, one you've acquired by sheer diligence, creativity, persistence and hard work, it can disappear without the slightest effort on your part, almost without your noticing it's gone. 

WHY IS THAT? Why can't it be as hard to give up doing something good (for you) as doing something bad (for you)? WHY WHY?

To try and keep the blogging habit alive, I am resolving to post something at least's say three days? Yes okay that should be possible...every three days a new post...from now on? Yes. Go fishing through my files, drawers, portfolios, memories. Whatever will keep this space active and yes, attractive? The aim - as every blogger must admit - being to attract an audience, however small. Preferably a loyal and interactive audience, one who waits with bated breath for your every effusion. Can a blog post be an effusion? 

Whatever. This is today's effusion. 

Below is a painting I began around the middle of last year which still sits on the easel undecided as to whether it's finished or not. It belongs in my Apple Series and really shouldn't need an explanation. It is a fairly objective depiction of objects which are actually in my studio. The figures in the centre are a paper cut-out hanging on the wall; the speech bubbles say: "This is art" and "No, this is a cartoon".



addon said...

Ooooooooof! Can un-bate breath now! I was going purple in the face. I don't know what your painting means, might have to give it more thought, but I like it anyway. And I like that you are back with us, oh effusive blogger! Best wishes and happy effusions!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Addon Adam, glad to see you back too. These long silent gaps aren't good for anything, except maybe creative cogitation?
This painting doesn't have a secret meaning, unless simply looking long enough at whatever is in front of our eyes at any moment becomes mysterious. I placed an apple on a shelf and just painted what I saw, only adding two imaginary apples on the right. The Egyptian postcard, the box of chalks, the rolls of tape, the scissors, the paper cut-out...they happened to be there. Maybe they tell a story?

addon said...

Natalie, my health has been poor making it hard to do some things ... but still in good spirits, which is important, n'est-ce pas?

And at least I have remembered Valentine's Day in enough time to do something about it ha ha! All will be well.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Sorry your bodily health is letting you down, Adam...not fair! Especially when your spirit is so healthy and full of joie de vivre. I wish there was a way to make the former obey the latter.