Thursday, December 20, 2012


There's enough creativity in the delicious Alphabet Soup online exhibition over at Clive's place to warm and lighten the rest of this winter, no matter how cold, wet and windy it is where you are. Every entry is bursting with flavour and individuality - if you haven't already done so, go and dip into it now.
The brief was to limit entries to black and white, plus one colour.

My own contributions are included and I'll duplicate them here....well, why not? 
(see larger images at Clive's ArtLog and at the main Blaugustine).

The one below is a new black version of a colour one which I originally posted in April 2005 and then made a video of in 2009. I won't put the link to the video here right now because it's going to appear at the Alphabet Soup later on�.



marja-leena said...

Fantastic alphabets, Natalie! The first one is humorous, the third is one I'd recognize as distinctly yours. The alphabet soup show at Clive's is quite marvelous - good for you in participating!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Thanks Marja-Leena - yes it's a great project. I thought you were going to send something too?