Monday, November 12, 2012


Since I didn't have much to sell, I only booked a half table at Comiket but it's tricky to arrange a display on such a small surface without encroaching on your neighbours in the other half. Fortunately my table-sharers, Myriad Editions, were friendly and helpful.

I was still fussing with the alignment of four books and few cards when my first visitor of the day stopped by. To my delight it was Alison Bechdel. She was leafing through My Life Unfolds and I explained how the original came about. She seemed to connect with my autobiographic images and bought a copy of the book instantly. I must admit that I was not familiar with her work until recently but having discovered it, I'm impressed with her unsentimental self-awareness, humour and directness and have ordered her latest graphic memoir Are You My Mother?

I would have liked to talk longer with Alison but she was booked as the first artist of the day to go up on stage and draw a comic strip. I was too far away to get a decent shot but you can just about make out her hand on the big screen in the photo below. She began by drawing a grid of blank frames then proceeded to confidently fill each one with the figures of her story. I was astonished by the ease and speed with which she, and later the other 'performing artists' drew their comic strips, some of them highly detailed. My own process is usually agonisingly slow and full of erasures since I keep changing my mind along the way. Lesson to learn: have a fixed plan.

 Among the friends I was very happy to see during the day was Jean who is attentively examining My Life Unfolds below. She has just blogged about her visit at tasting rhubarb.

Deep in conversation with Colin, Philip is unaware that his purchase may not be approved by the Authority.

 And don't forget you can order all these, authorised by me!



Beth said...

Looks and sounds great, Natalie! And I'm delighted to see Jean and Philip along with all your beautiful books!

addon said...

Wonderful to see Natalie and the 'performing artists' sound wonderfully skilled.

Your book is a delight, I raced through it at first and now finishing reading it 'properly' - so excellent in so many ways, but will comment tomorrow if I can.

keep well

addon said...

oops I may have sent my comment twice, I beg your pardon !!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Thanks Beth. Wish you'd been there too.

Adam, I'm very glad that the printed Vie en Rosé didn't disappoint. Looking forward to your opinion of it.

Clive Hicks-Jenkins said...

What a splendid adventurer you are, booking a table at Comiket and laying out your wares. Looks as though it was a buzzy day and a good chance to meet other creative souls. Great too that Alison Bechdel saw, appreciated and purchased. It's always good when those who are 'in the know' recognise the talent.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Clive, thanks for finding me here at my alternative space - it's handy while I try to solve the disappearance of commenting at the main Blaug.
I really was chuffed to meet Alison and am discovering her work at the moment.The main benefit of those events is precisely to connect with fellow creators and it certainly is a boost when one's work is appreciated by them.