Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Spread out on the floor of my studio, the many stencils I drew and cut out to monoprint my unfolded life, too many to photograph all together. They make such interesting random patterns that I'm going to collage them as separate pictures - an opportunity to recycle and re-arrange one's life doesn't come along very often!

Below those are a couple of shots taken at the private view on Sunday before guests arrived. The fully opened book was displayed on a long table covered in white linen, in a serenely empty white room, sunlight softly streaming in from the garden - a marvellous space for a marvellous evening. I couldn't have imagined a better ambiance to preview this work before sending it out into the world. Thank you , mon Genie. 

The catalogue of the forthcoming Open Books exhibition, designed and edited by Mary Husted (with cover design by Clive Hicks-Jenkins) is now viewable online at this link. Printed copies can be ordered there as well. It includes four pages for each of us participating artists.



zoe said...

WOW! the accordion book looks fabulous!! congratulations!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Thank you very much, Zoe. It was an exciting challenge. Will you be going to Aberystwyth for the opening?