Monday, May 14, 2012


Deadline approaching fast and still another six double pages to be done!

Panic is a constant presence in my studio, not least because of the impossible task I've undertaken of squeezing my long life into fifty-two small folded panels. The approach I've chosen is to focus only on some of the emotions which have deeply marked me, leaving out large chunks concerning family relationships and creative work. To include all of those would require folds stretching out for several miles so, for the time being, an abbreviated and highly selective version will have to do. 

One of the wondrous things about the accordion format for this subject matter is that if you stand back, you can see the past at the same time as the present and future and if you come up close, you are wholly in the moment.

When this project is finished, I want to continue exploring the accordion format, trying supports other than paper. I'm really grateful to Clive Hicks-Jenkins and to Mary Husted for bringing me into this marvellous adventure. 



Jean said...

As you advised, here I am since I can't comment on the main Blaugustine. I love all this, so rich and full of as much feeling as beauty and strangeness. And I love what you say about the accordian format. Good luck in the last stretch up to your deadline - whatever effect the deadline has will be part of the work, it's shape and movement, depth and colours, won't it? (and lends itself all too easily to metaphor).

Jean said...
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Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Jean, I'm so embarassed! I've only just noticed that I was supposed to approve the comments before they appear here so I didn't know there have been any comments at all in recent times! And some were repeated twice so I've now deleted duplicates.
I'm going to remove the 'approval' thing and just allow all comments. If spammers come alopng, well, I'll just delete them.

So sorry everyone who commented!