Friday, January 20, 2012


Here is another video experiment, deconstructing and reconstructing parts of the first image from my ever-in-progress gnovel . One of my unspoken New Year's resolutions is to do something with this idea, maybe turning it into monoprints for an artist's book, or perhaps abandoning it altogether. Things that are left too long on the shelf tend to disintegrate anyway, according to the law of entropy, but declaring that you are giving up on a long-delayed project might just re-start its motor.

To embed this video, I'm trying out an extension I've downloaded called the Dreamweaver Video Inserter. If you don't see the screen at first, try again later. I haven't got the hang of using it yet and am getting some help from the makers. 

Here's the VIMEO permalink in any case. 


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Dave said...

Looks like the start of something good!