Thursday, March 26, 2009


Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)

A while ago I threw an idea into cyberspace to see if it would take root. So far it hasn't but some seeds stay in the ground a long time before they germinate and some ideas which at present look naive, childish, impossible, impractical and even objectionable could in future, perhaps, become reality.

Below is the paragraph I've now followed up with a video. I borrowed the movie clips and am grateful to all these wonderful dancing people for inspiring me and, I hope, you too.

An army of dancers, amateurs and professionals, wave after wave of them, every style of dancing from anywhere in the world, accompanied by their musicians, moving in disciplined formation like a very long carnival parade. But not a carnival.

A massive non-violent dancing protest, confronting tanks and trucks and armed soldiers intent on their power mission, obeying their power orders. On both sides of the divide, the dancing army confronts the violence and advances inexorably, rhythmically. The fighters in their tanks and behind their rockets are flabbergasted, the music and dancing are so contagious......


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