Tuesday, December 02, 2008


And here, after a bit of plastic surgery, is how she might have looked before she became entangled in underwear. I think she's either a nun or an Arab woman. Either way she doesn't look too happy.




Jeanne said...

Hi Natalie,

I was so excited and surprised to find your comment! I am new to blogging and I am still not sure how you found me, let alone so quickly! Receiving your post is equally gratifying for me - feels like being in touch with the universe. Its interesting that you just spoke of sychronicity in one of your posts too.

I actually stumbled upon "Designing with Natural Forms" quite randomly in the library and that book was exactly what I needed to read right then to answer questions and confirm ideas.

My blog started as a great assignment from one of my design classes - to make a daily practice of observation (some student's blogs ended up being mainly design related, while others were general life observances with design mixed in) I have enjoyed the practice and will continue even though the semester just ended - Its helped me see differently and to notice things I otherwise may not have. Like you discovering the face in the underwear!

Thank you so much for writing. I am happy to know about your interesting blog now too. Cheers to synchronicity,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne! I get an alert from Google whenever I'm mentioned on the net,though it's not very efficient: sometimes the alert comes a year after the mention. In this case it was very quick so that's how I found you. Certainly is synchronicity and your assignment sounds just my cup of tea.I'm so happy you found my book at exactly the right time. Very best wishes to you and keep visiting Blaugustine (more pictures etc.on the main blog).

Anonymous said...

You are a great artist.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, many thanks for the compliment. I love such compliments.