Sunday, September 07, 2008


I intended to participate again in International Rock Flipping Day mentioned by Dave at Via Negativa . It's in my diary, clearly marked: rock flip day, send photo.

Except that I entered it under Sunday, September 7th. It was supposed to be on September 2nd. Why did I do this? Because second sounds like seventh? Or am I losing track of time altogether? Who knows. The point is, I've missed participating in a lovely idea - all those rock flippers bending down simultaneously on the same day, maybe even at the same hour, in all kinds of places all over the planet, recording their discoveries: see links below.

To make up for my time-lapse, I am submitting this late offering.

It's been raining so much over here in the last few days that I have chosen an indoor rock. A tame rock. Removed some time ago from its natural habitat on a beach in Hastings and placed, among other domesticated stones, on a windowsill in my living room. I flipped it and you can look at it from both sides now. A little pebble is firmly embedded in a cavity on one side which, on the other side, looks just like an eye.

OH NO! Cross out all I've written above.

It seems I'm not late after all. In fact I'm too bleedin' early: the correct date really is September 7th. I had been looking at Dave's post about it and the Flickr pics for last year. What is the matter with me?

My rock has now been flipped.


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Anonymous said...

Very interesting rock, both flipped and un-. And I got a luagh out of your time/date mixup. You are not alone in doing this, believe me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah, glad you too are in the unreliable (flexible) time zone. After all, what's wrong with mistaking one year for another?

Dave Coulter said...

Not to worry....I missed it last year, lol!

Jen said...

What an interesting rock. Thanks for sharing your flip with us. What will you find next year, I wonder?

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Dave, glad I'm not the only distracted one in blogland. Will you be rocking next year?

Jen, next year I hope it won't be raining and I'll try to go to the park and disturb some outdoorsy-type rocks. Maybe I'll take this pet rock along to guide me.

Anonymous said...

Cool rock. My son is a fellow keeper of domesticated stones!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Susan, good for him. I love picking up interesting stones here and there, have bowls filled with them.

PJ said...

When I saw you veering off to September 2nd I started cheering for you, I just knew you could make the correction, and you did! Lovely idea for a rock flip.