Sunday, December 23, 2007


I know that everybody is elsewhere at this time of year but in case you're passing by, please click right now on qarrtsiluni where you can read and/or listen to Strangers in Paradise (my actual voice reading my actual words!) which I'm proud to say is my tenth contribution to this outstanding online literary magazine. If you want to see, in one go, all my pieces published by qarrtsiluni, this link will do it. Make sure you browse the entire site, it is overflowing with excellence from a great variety of writers, poets, photographers and artists, interpreting the themes set by a new pair of editors each month.

Here's that tree again, this time in its whole environment. See how the cars beneath it match the colours of Christmas decorations? Pure serendipity. Have a happy time, wherever you are.



Les Becker said...

Oh, I SO love your voice! I've downloaded "Strangers in Paradise" to listen to the whole thing at bedtime.

Thank you for recording it, Natalie; you are the most wonderful story-teller!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Les,thank you, it's good to know my voice is right there where you are. Bravo to the internet and to MP3!
I hope the book doesn't take too long to reach you - it left here on Dec.15th

Les Becker said...

I will email you immediately upon its safe arrival, I assure you.

(and will probably email you again once I see your autograph... :-) )