Wednesday, November 14, 2007

THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES, la lutte continue, la lutta continua

It is a struggle: this cannot be denied. Struggling is not enjoyable.You can't call enjoyable an activity during which you're in a state of terror and tension, eyes, ears and nose pricked up like a deer being hunted, knowing that at any moment it could be curtains. Maybe that's why I've been so unfaithful to this calling, this joy that is so painful. Because I'm pleasure-loving and I give up on things that require sustained effort and attention. Allright that's not true. I did and I do undertake a lot of work in my life which demands long hard slog and I manage to complete it. But reluctantly, teeth gritted. My teeth are full of grit from all the gritting I've subjected them to. In my heart of hearts, I want everything to be easy. Wonderful art to flow non-stop from my fingers like honey from a spoon; life, love, liberty, relationships and happiness and knowledge and wisdom - all of it to be simple, straightforward, quickly achieved, effortless, with clear instructions in large type on a single sheet of paper: if you do A it gives you B which leads to C and that's it. All done and all perfect.


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Anonymous said...

oh yeah, life, love, that thou art

- frank charlton

out of the gutter

twenty years i’ve watched

same dumb man bent over curb

collecting rubbish

leaves beige, buff and brown

red, russet and yellow gold

flash over the lake

looking at photos

on mobile strolling the past

guy bumps into things

flotilla of geese

cut arrows in the water

pointing to The Wash

mum taking photos

dad teasing daughter for fun

she is soon crying

now leaves are dying

they are seen dancing brightest

colourful language

extolling virtues

of mobility scooter

stooped man glides away

eyeballed universe

in a moment far too brief

though quite long enough

frank charlton 27th October, ‘09