Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Everybody's talkin' at me 'bout me
I don't hear a I hear EVERY word they're sayin'
NOT only the echoes of my mind
I won't let you leeeeee...eave
My love behind

Apologies to "Everybody's Talkin" by Fred Neil. Sung by Harry Nilsson on sound track of "Midnight Cowboy."

Just when I thought The God Interviews book was going off the radar, suddenly there's a buzz buzz buzzing going round and it's making me extremely delighted.

A delightful review by Jamieson Wolf at the Book Pedler .

Debi Alper delightfully mentions my presentation at Apple Mac (it's this Friday)

Kim of Reading Matters delightfully mentions my presentation at Apple Mac (it's this Friday)

Paul Gravett delightfully mentions my presentation at Apple Mac (it's this Friday)

Mark Vernon has delightfully posted (18 June) my Richard Dawkins & God comic strip on his blog.

Stefan Bucher has delightfully posted my Serendopterus Ironicus monster on his site.

Win Wiacek of Comics Creators Guild is about to post a review of God Interviews any time now.

Delightful is a very good word to repeat when you don't want to pile on the superlative adjectives but still need to express your gratitude for bountiful attention. I am truly grateful, no joking, this is from the heart.

I still haven't had a chance to write about (but I will) a delightful meeting on Saturday with Tamar and Andy and Jean this too (see her report, she's captured it).

And I haven't had time to blog about another amazing event, the first performance of John Tavener's Beautiful Names which I attended last Tuesday at Westminster Cathedral. But I will.

Now back to work on that presentation. It's this Friday.


Debi said...

Have you heard about London Lit Plus?

Another way of keeping that buzz a-buzzing. Link on my blog but you'll have to act fast ...

Will be thinking of you on Friday. (It is this Friday isn't it? Haven't quite got that ...)

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Debi, thanks a lot! I've just been over there, signed up and sent in the details of the event. You are a star.

Anonymous said...

Hope it went well. I didn't leave the office until 7.30pm so couldn't make it. I did manage to squeeze in a book-buying trip at Waterstone's though... ;)

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Kim, sorry I didn't reply sooner. Would have been good to meet you at my Apple thing but I hope there'll be another occasion.