Saturday, April 07, 2007

Slideshow of pages from The God Interviews

The God Interviews is the book version of a comic strip by Natalie d'Arbeloff originally posted on her blog, Blaugustine. The book is available from Lulu on this page:

Further details are also here.


Anonymous said...

Great, Natalie! But I'd really appreciate a slower slide show, not only because I want to read all the dialog without feeling pressured to just skim it because it's going to disappear soon, but because I like to have at least another second or two to check out the drawing and the various objects in the cartoon panels, too.

Lovely work!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

dondi, many thanks. But the slideshow is only a taster and preview of the book. I hope it will inspire people to order it from the link I've given to my page on Lulu. I don't want to make the slideshow slower because it increases the file size too much. So sorry about that but the final product is a book, not a movie (at least not until an animation studio comes knocking at my door!)

Anonymous said...

Ah, makes sense, Natalie, thanks. I was thinking it was a slide show for a public presentation somewhere, not necessarily on the web. I guess I still think of slide shows as group events that include clickers. ;>

Anonymous said...

Dondi, the slide show will in fact be running on a loop during my book launch at the Cartoon Museum on Thursday, April 12. Are you in London? If so, do come along. See the main Blaugustine blog for the address. If you're far away, thanks for coming here in any case.